Once you have used the health & social care trainer you will make us your first choice for all your training needs.

The Health and Social Care Trainer is based in Warwickshire and provides essential bespoke training for your workplace. We can tailor your training package according to your specific requirements.

We currently offer the following training courses:

  • *Moving and Handling

  • *Medication Awareness

  • *Equality and Diversity

  • *Fire Safety

  • *Fire Marshall 

  • *Risk Assessment Training

  • *COSHH

  • *Understanding your Role, Personal Development and Duty of Care

  • *Health and Safety

  • *Basic First Aid

  • *Food Hygiene

  • *Safeguarding Adults

  • *End of life care

  • * Person Centred Care (Includes Privacy & Dignity)

Your training can be delivered in your workplace or at a prearranged venue to suit your requirements. 

Our aim is to make your training session as engaging as we can, encouraging interaction with the trainer, other trainees and the course materials.


I am part of the Association of Health Care Trainers. Please feel free to search my name (Simon Morris) on the AOHT website (http://aoht.co.uk/members/)



Simon Morris

A well-qualified training professional adept at addressing a diverse range of students for a wide variety of people orientated programs. A specialist in healthcare and a meticulous planner, this pragmatic, yet compassionate operator builds an excellent rapport with training groups of up to 40 plus, designing, developing and delivering well thought out sessions to teach trainers to deliver effective coaching throughout caring professions. Acutely aware of the latest standards of care and regulations in place, this entrepreneurial spirit finds innovative and flexible ways to apply knowledge that takes organizational operations and procedures into account.

Achievements and skills    


  • Maintained high staff morale and retention through effective communication, prompt problem resolution and proactive supervisory 

  • Led, designed and implemented training and initiatives that contributed to a 90% increase in productivity, and competency testing for certification-level training

  • Assessed training needs through interviews, focus groups and consultation with managers

  • training for 40 new employees per week using role playing, simulations, team exercises, group discussions, videos and lectures 

  • Administered performance reviews and evaluation

  • Clearly communicated objectives for all lessons, units and projects 

  • clients for abuse and neglect and compiled documentation for court reports

  • Supported patients and families in coping with problems resulting from severe illness

  • Counselled individuals and families on mental health issues and advised on rehabilitation

  • Started-up new business, backed with effective marketing and events which generated 500% more than anticipated

  • Train the Trainer qualification to train others in:


  • People moving and handling

  • First aid

  • Food hygiene

  • Risk assessment


  • Equality and diversity

  • Fire safety and fire marshal

  • Health and safety

  • Medication and awareness

  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults

  • Staff understanding role, staff development and duty of care 



  • Competent training manner for a diverse range of those with special-needs 

  • Strong presentation skills

  • Strategic planning and development

  • Accomplished leader and effective staff coach

  • Measured judgement and decision making

  • Skilled community-based case manager

  • Stock control specialist carefully monitoring expiry dates of medical supplies and medications

  • Fully conversant with laws and regulations of home care services

  • Proficient in billing, payroll, AP and AR, data analysis and financial management

  • Quality assurance and risk management practitioner

  • Social media management & website publishing

How I Can

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