FREE Training Needs Analysis from a Business Professional


At The Health and Social Care Trainer we are  measuring the success of the programmes we deliver for clients has always been of fundamental importance to us. With training budgets stretched and the need for your staff to be performing to their optimum levels making the correct decision about the right type of training at the right time has never been more important.

As a NEW or OLD customer of The Heath & Social Care Trainer why not contact us today to arrange a FREE no obligation Training Needs Analysis (TNA) from myself Simon Morris I have over 20 years management knowledge, understand of the health and social care sector.


Find out how we can supported your organisations and helped your grow your business, improve the performance and efficiency of their staff. You can choose to just use the analysis report that we will leave you. We also offer price bustering reductions do companies that allow us to carry out a TNA for them.

Process is simple.

1/ Freee no obligation telephone consultation.

2/ Free face to face consultation

3/ We will leave you with a The Health & Social Care Trainer’s questionaire to pass to  clients and thier families.

4/ We will leave you with a The Health & Social Care Trainer’s Supervision form for your staff.

5/ We leave you with The Health & Social Care Trainer’s Training Needs Summary Table to record data on to.

6/ We then have a face to face meeting to create a training plan.

We can send out questionaire to clients, family & create a staff questionaire if required. (This would be an additional small charge.)

II want to make your life easier. If you book any two of my training courses costing £275.00 for 15 staff members in 1 day. I will offer you a face to face managed training needs analysis. This im sure you will agree is a bargain?