What are people saying about the health and social care trainer?

Patrxk from Barnet said

" Simon was easy to understand and was very helpful and informative"

Margaret from London said

" Simon's training was perfect and fun"

Chima said

Simon trained us in manual handling today. I expected it to be boring. But the way Simon delivered the training was great and we all had fun.

Leanne from Gloucester said

" Simon was simply a Fab trainer and look forward to doing more training"

Christina from

London said " Our group was a exicable and liked to talk alot. But Simon stayed professional, kept great control  of the group and delivered a fantastic training session.

Ann from Worcester said

trained us in Health and Safety and somehow he kept everyones interest and we had a great training session. Great Trainer!!"

Lindsey from Warwick Said "Simon carried out train the trainer course in First Aid today. Being the manager of the home I tried to get him to come and work for us direct!"